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Calendar 2024-25

Competition deadlines


Entries for internal monthly competitions and the Graham Brown Memorial Trophy need to be in no later than midnight on the 1st day of the month preceding the competition. To see full details of the monthly competitions click here.

Competition Rules

Please click on the

PDFs to see the rules

for the competitions.



Graham Brown Memorial Trophy



The calendar dates for external competitions are as follows: 

Jaguar Cup Competition - TBC

Badby Challenge Cup - TBC

Season Calendar

The Daventry Photographic Society season runs from the 1st March to the 28th February the following year.

2024-25 Season


March 2024

5th March

12th March

2023 My Photographic Year

Speaker: Linda Wilson

A photographic ramble through Namibia, France and other exotic locations!


19th March
Competition (Digital): Open
Guest Judge: Dawn Stobbart (Zoom)


26th March
10 in 10


April 2024


2nd April
‘An Evening With’ Ady Kerry

We welcome back the popular Ady who will be taking us through his fascinating career as a professional photographer.


9th April
Competition (Print): Open Monochrome

Guest Judge: Mike Fuller


16th April
10 in 10


23rd April
Introduce Summer Challenge/Theme Night plus ‘Name that Face’

Led by: Bob Holt


30th April
Macro Photography

Led by: Mike Fuller and Bee Jackson
Mike and Bee will be giving us insight into their brilliant insect and other wildlife macrophotography.


May 2024


7th May
Post Production of Nature Photographs

Guest speaker Kevin Pigney (Zoom)
We welcome back Kevin Pigney telling us how to improve our Nature images using Lightroom and Photoshop.


14th May
Competition (Digital): Two Colours

Guest Judge: Dave Belton


15th May
Jaguar Photo Competition


21st May
10 in 10


28th May
Creative Tabletop Photography

Led by: Mike Fuller


June 2024


4th June
You are the judge for the night

Led by: Bob Holt


11th June
Competition (Digital): Photo Journalism

and Graham Brown Memorial Trophy (Round 1)
Guest Judge: Jane Morris (Zoom)


18th June
10 in 10


25th June
Practical: Photographic walk at Badby Woods


July 2024


2nd July
Theme Night/Preparation for My Take on Your Image/On Your Phone

Led by: Bob Holt


9th July
Competition (Digital): Untouched (Zoom)

Guest Judge: Mike Sharples


16th July
10 in 10


23rd July

Guest speaker: Steve Williams
We welcome the excellent Steve back to give tips on improving our Sport photography.


30th July
Summer Social


August 2024


6th August
On My Phone - Presentation of images taken on phone

Led by: Bob Holt


13th August
Competition (Print): Leading Lines

Guest Judge: Wes Gibbon


20th August
My take on your image

Led by: Bob Holt


27th August
Long Exposure

Guest speaker: David Lowe
David will be giving tips on producing long exposure shots in a range of situations. See his website


September 2024


3rd September
Film Night

Led by: Bob Holt


10th September
Competition (Digital): Night Time
and Graham Brown Memorial Trophy (Round 2)

Guest Judge: Bob Goode (Zoom)


17th September
10 in 10


24th September
Practical: Photographic Walk (TBA)


October 2024


1st October
Summer Challenge Feedback and introduction to Winter challenge

Led by: Linda Wilson


8th October
Competition (Digital): Creative (Peter Cosentino Trophy)

Guest Judge: Phil Cooling (Zoom)


15th October
Hollis Trophy Competition


22nd October

Guest speaker: TBC
How to photograph the heavens!


29th October
Theme Night

Led by: Bob Holt


November 2024


5th November
Journey to the Arctic

Guest speaker: Nigel Spencer
Take a trip through the wonderful Arctic. See Nigel’s website


12th November
Competition (Digital): Movement

Guest Judge: Dave Tucker (Zoom)

19th November
Informal Discussion

Led by Andrew Taylor


26th November
Joint Presentation

Led by: Andrew Taylor and Linda Ariss


December 2024


3rd December
Compose Yourself

Guest speaker: Jonathan Vaines


10th December
Competition (Print): Country Living

Guest Judge: Wes Gibbon


17th December
Christmas Social


24th December


January 2025


7th January
10 in 10


14th January
Competition (Digital): Movement

and Graham Brown Memorial Trophy (Round 3)

Guest Judge: Colin Walls (Zoom)

21st January
Using AI in Photography (Zoom)


28th January
Creating an Audio Visual Presentation

Led by: Bob Holt and Martin Godfrey


February 2025


4th February
Who’s the Greatest?

The members will be the judges and the images will be supplied by some of the best photographers in the world - who will win?
Led by: Bob Holt


11th February
Competition (Print): Panel of 3

Guest Judge: Gareth Martin

18th February
Light Painting

Guest speaker: Robert Snary
Using your torch to produce stunning images.


25th February
The Charro and the Benefits of Long Term Photography

Guest speaker: John Stones
All the way from Mexico! John presented this last year and proved to be excellent. Very pleased to welcome him back!

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