Calendar 2021/22

Competition deadlines


Entries for internal monthly competitions and the Graham Brown Memorial Trophy need to be in no later than midnight on the 1st day of the month preceding the competition. The Hollis Trophy deadline this year is 1st October 2021. To see full details of the monthly competitions click here.

Competition Rules

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Graham Brown Memorial Trophy



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The calendar dates for external competitions are as follows: 

Jaguar Cup Competition - Cancelled.

Badby Challenge Cup - Cancelled.



Coronavirus Update




5th January 2021

Members Speaker: Colin Prickett -"Photographing the past"


12th January

Competition: The Colour Purple, and also the final part of the Graham  Brown Memorial Trophy Competition(Round 3) An Open Subject. Judge: Louise Walton (from Nottingham) will be judging and giving feedback during the Zoom meeting. Entries to be in by 1st of January. if you haven't registered contact Colin for a login password.


12th January

External speaker - Justin Garner: 'Macro Photography' 90 mins. His lecture with lots of tips and hints into his approach to Macro Photography and he explains the technique of focus stacking.


2nd February

The Fjords of Patagonia - Julian Elliott.  Journey to the end of the world and follow Julian on a commissioned trip to the fjords of Patagonia. See the challenges a professional photographer faces with the weather and the imagery that’s created for use by his client.​ Julian has been a professional landscape and travel photographer for 10 years, currently living in France. Having started writing for a number of British UK photography magazines he started selling his work through the World renowned Getty Images. To date his work has sold in over 40 countries and he has travelled in over 30 countries capturing the world around him.

9th February

Competition: Panel of 3, Judge: Malcolm Sales competition via Zoom. Entries to be in by 1st of Feb. if you haven't registered contact Colin for a login password.


16th February

Members Travelogues: Carole and Judy will share the evening to show some of there travel photos.


23rd February

External speaker: Tim Pile.  Nudes in Photography Capturing the beauty of the female form, in man-made and natural environments.


2nd March


9th March

Competition (Digital): Theme 'OPEN' - Guest Judge: Anne Sutcliffe


16th March

Guest Speaker - David Garthwaite: ‘Fine Art - A Workflow’ - David is a fine art photographer based in Leeds. His presentation will walk us through a step-by-step process of creating monochrome fine art images in his style. This will be of special interest to those wishing to understand the technical aspects of creating stunning fine art images.See his website for examples of his images


23rd March

5 in 5 Evening: We ask you to share 5 of your own photographs in 5 minutes.  Your images may be themed - or not - the choice is entirely yours.


30th March

Guest Speaker - Ross McKelvey - from Belfast: Ross has been awarded over 300 medals in national and international exhibitions since 2010.  He will be sharing a presentation of award-winning images across several genres including landscape, studio, creative, nature and fine art, with a live Photoshop editing demonstration at the end. See his website for his images and more information


6th April

Closed for Easter

13th April

Competition (Digital): Theme 'Open Monochrome'. Guest Judge: Kylie Martin


20th April

5 in 5 Evening: We ask you to share 5 of your own photographs in 5 minutes. Your images may be themed - or not - the choice is entirely yours.


27th April

Guest Speaker - Adrian Lines: ‘Creative Differences’ a talk on Creative Images


4th May

Informal Critique


11th May

Competition (Digital): Theme 'Three of a Kind’. Guest Judge: Julie Cleaver


20th May

Guest Speaker - Dave Stewart: ‘Faces and Figures’ Outdoor Portraits and Rock Concert Photography


25th May

Evening out: A photographic guided walk around Hellidon village


1st June

Guest Speaker - Sue Clark: ‘The camera never lies but photographs can’


8th June

Competition (Digital): Theme 'Creative' (Peter Cosentino Trophy) and Graham Brown Memorial Trophy

(Part 1). Guest Judge: Paul Nickerson


15th June

Member’s Travelogue: John Lewis


22nd June

Guest Speaker - Steve Williams: A talk on Sports photography


29th June

Evening out: A photographic guided walk around Kilsby including the Yarn Bombing installations


6th July Guest Speaker – Malcolm Hupman: ‘An Australasian Adventure and its Wildlife’


13th July

Competition (Digital): Theme 'Shapes'. Guest Judge: Chris Baldwin


20th July

5 in 5 Evening: We ask you to share 5 of your own photographs in 5 minutes.  Your images may be themed - or not - the choice is entirely yours.


27th July

Guest Speaker - David Boag: ‘Photographing Wild Flowers’


3rd August

Summer Social evening.


10th August

Competition (Digital): Theme 'Open Untouched'. Judge: Trevor Rudkin


17th August

Outdoor Practical: Northampton and Lamport Heritige Railway.

24th August

Guest Speaker – Chris Shepherd: ‘My Camera’


31st August

Informal Critique


7th September

Surgery Session - 10-in-10-Your Lockdown Images.


14th September

Competition (Digital): Theme 'Negative Space' and Graham Brown Memorial Trophy (Part 2).
Guest Judge: Catherine Knee


21st September

DPS: Virtual Exhibition Preview


28th September

Guest Speaker - Tracey Sherwood: Christmas Food Photography - Practical


5th October

Viewing of MCPF Travelling Portfolio


12th October

Competition (Digital): Theme ‘Industry’. Guest Judge: Peter Gennard


19th October

Hollis Trophy: Annual digital competition with 4 categories. Judges: John Lewis and Graham Walton


26th October

Guest Speaker: Annie Bee  Pet and portrait Photographer.



2nd November

Internal Competition: Where teams ‘match an image’


9th November

Competition (Digital): Theme 'Music'. Guest Judge: Dave Stewart


16th November

Member’s personal project: Mike Fuller - talk on Female Photographers


23rd November

Guest Speaker - Henry McGowan(Frank) photographic AV Travelogue "The (Very) Last Picture Show"

30th November

5 in 5 Evening: We ask you to share 5 of your own photographs in 5 minutes.  Your images may be themed - or not - the choice is entirely yours.



7th December

Member speaker: 'Using Flash’ by Mike Hemmings


14th December

Competition (Digital): Theme 'Fog and Mist'. Judge: Mike Fuller

21st December

Christmas Social


28th December

Closed for Christmas and New Year


4th January

Member speaker: Colin Prickett 'Photographing the Past, Part 2'


11th January

Competition (Digital): Theme 'Flowers' and Graham Brown Memorial Trophy (Part 3)Guest Judge: TBA


18th January

Guest Speaker - Erica Oram: 'Seeing Opportunities' - making the most of limited time for photography by 'seeing' opportunity and by being a little creative


25th January

Guest Speaker  - Tyrone Williams- ‘Tyrone Williams-Trying to capture a truth’. 


1st February

Guest speakers from Banbury Camera Club


8th February

Competition (Digital): ‘Panel of 3' Prints – OPEN theme’ - Guest Judge - JOHN HAINES


15th February

Member speaker - Bob Holt: 'Alternative photography'


22nd February

Guest Speaker - Dave Mason: ‘Street Photography’