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Competition Rules

This guidance applies to all internal competitions run by the Society. Please ensure that you comply to these rules when entering your work. Please make sure your projected images conform to the required format and image sizes.

Please note that maximum width (w) is 1920 pixels and the maximum height (h) 1200 pixels.
As an example an image 1920px (w) x 1743px (h) does not conform, as the height is greater than 1200px. So to fit, the image size would have to be reduced to 1322px (w) x 1200px (h).

Please click on the

PDFs to see the rules

for the competitions.



Graham Brown Memorial Trophy



Photo Entry Procedure

The club use an on-line system called Photo Entry for entering club competitions. If you have not already used the system, then please see the information in the following section.

Members will receive an automatically-generated email inviting you to setup your login details, which is quite straightforward and only needs to be done once.

Once you are setup you will be able to access and enter all our monthly competitions at any time during the competition year, and you will be able to remove and replace your images right up to each competition’s deadline date. You can also login and look at your previous entries and scores at any time.

We are also using this entry system for PRINT competitions as it enables the software to keep a running total of scores throughout the year.

We believe that this will eradicate a lot of entry difficulties and reduce the workload considerably for the Society’s Competition Secretary ahead of each competition. Many other clubs in the country have done the same and have not looked back since.

Entry deadline for competitions is midnight on the 1st day of the month.

If you have any problems accessing or using the new system then please send an email to and we will our best to resolve it for you.

Please follow the instructions below to enter our photo competitions.

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