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Competition Results 2023/24

These are the winning photos for each of the internal monthly DPS competitions.

Please note, our 12 month competition season runs from March to the following February and rather than leave empty spaces, we have included the previous year's monthly winners with the titles shown in italics.

The results for each monthly competition can be downloaded by following the Results link.

Competitons 2023/24

March 2023


Chris Baldwin

April 2023

In The Park

Martin Godfrey

Carole Emms_THE TRAM SHED_1.jpg

May 2023

The Tram Shed

Carole Emms

04 - Linda Wilson_LOOK OUT, BEHIND YOU!_1.jpg

June 2023

Look Out Behind You!

Linda Wilson

05 - Chris Baldwin_FINDING MOMMY IN THE CROWD_1.jpg

July 2023

Finding Mommy In The Crowd

Chris Baldwin

06 - David Hollis_SPIDERMAN WATER BREAK_1_20.jpg

August 2023

Spiderman Water Break

Dave Hollis

Going Underground

September 2023

Going Underground

Michael Green

October 2023

Electric Trolleybuses

Michael Green

11-22 JACKSON - Coffee Time.jpg

November 2022

Coffee Time

Bee Jackson

12-22 CHRIS PRICKETT - Giggins Clothing Factory, Canal Street.jpg

December 2023

Giggin's Clothing Factory,

Canal Street

Christine Prickett

January 2023

Winter in the Ampitheatre

Linda Wilson

February 2023

Night Porto

Colin Prickett

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