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Monthly Competitions

We hold a monthly internal competition for all current DPS members. There are 12 competitions, 8 are projected and 4 are print competitions. All members are allowed to enter two photos in each competition. With the exception of the January competition, entries for internal monthly competitions need to be in no later than midnight on the first day of the month preceding the competition. Entries for the January competition, need to be in by the 8th of January.

For competition rules click here

For other internal and external competitions, please see the Competitions drop down menu.


Competitions 2023/24

March 2023

Open Competition


Competitions that are designated ‘Open’ do not have a specific theme which you are expected to follow. Instead you are free to choose the subject matter. As the competition is Open, it is even more important that your image ‘stands out’ so that the Judge finds your image interesting in its subject matter, and can appreciate the technical skill in its creation. Good Luck!

Judge: Alex Gjica (Zoom)


Open Monochrome


Submit up to two monochrome prints on any topic of your choice. Monochrome images are produced using a single hue, rather than recording the colours of the object photographed. It includes all forms of black and white photography, which produce images containing tones of grey ranging from black to white. No ‘colour popping’ allowed.

Judge: Mike Fuller


Sheds, Huts and Barns


These come in all shapes, sizes and locations. They might be made of wood, stone or brick. You could go to a beach, find a barn being used on a farm or being lived in, a derelict barn or your own garden shed. Try to make it not just a record shot but give the viewer some sense of its use now or in the past.

Round 1 of the Graham Brown Memorial Trophy will be held on the same evening

Judge: Kylie Martin (Zoom)


On the Street


Street photography offers a variety of things to try but usually captures a specific moment in time. You could be what is known as a ‘street hunter’, where you take your camera for a wander and wait for something to catch your eye, ready to snap away. Or you could be more of a fine art street photographer, knowing the location you want to capture and waiting for the right moment.  Look out for light and shadows, people, silhouettes, humour, motion blur, action, juxtaposition. Shoot in colour or black and white!

Judge: Dave Tucker (Zoom)




Repetition in photography means using repeating elements within the frame as part of the composition. Repetition of an item, colour, shape, or element creates patterns, and these can add overall strength to an image.  If you want to make a statement, you might repeat certain elements again and again.

Repetition can be found in nature – trees, birds flying, sand dunes, flowers, leaves etc.  It can be manmade – architecture for example. It can be found on the streets – people, transport etc, or you might create it yourself by making your own scene. You can go for the bigger picture or zoom in on macro.

You may choose to take your repetition photo at the point of shooting, or use post editing tools and be creative

Judge: Wes Gibbon


Creative (The Peter Cosentino Trophy)


The key to creative photography is to try and see things in a different way to ‘normal’ so that it provides impact and originality beyond that of a straight record shot. This can be achieved at the point of pressing the button or in post processing. Your photos do not have to be photoshopped but can be if you want to.
You could try over and under exposing your photos to change the mood.

You could make a composite, but all elements must be your own work.

Take your photos at a different angle, try lying on the floor and looking up! The key to creative photography is to try and see things in a different way to ‘normal’. It contains elements that are deliberately used to change the photo’s original status – be that at the point of pressing the button or post processing. Paint with light. Play with colour. Play with perspective. Play with shapes. Photograph things in places not usually found – a polar bear in a deck chair!

The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Judge: Martin Cooper (Zoom)


Images of a Poem or Song


For this theme, the idea is to produce a photo that evokes a poem, a song or even a quote – so go out and see if you can find something that reminds you, or represents, that particular song or poem.

This is a fairly open theme, but make it obvious to the judge what the poem or song is from your title. How far they agree with you will be reflected in your score.

Round 2 of the Graham Brown Memorial Trophy will be held on the same evening

Judge: Phil Cooling (Zoom)


Public Transport


Our buses, trains and trams open up a different world. They allow us to sit and chat and watch the world go by whilst someone else does the driving!  You can either be on the transport or observing it from the outside, it could be old or new.

Take a ride with your camera and see where you end up!! 

Judge: Richard Spiers (Zoom)


Mood or Emotions


Capturing moods or emotions opens up lots of possibilities.

You could try to capture an emotion, such as happiness, pride or anger using people as your subject matter.  You might try to take a photo without people that evokes a certain mood or emotion, for example a peaceful landscape or a dangerous cityscape. Use your imagination and artistic skills as well as technical skills. Think about the title you give your image to ensure the judge understands what you were trying for.

Judge: John Lewis




Reflection photos refer to any shot, no matter the subject matter, that uses a reflective surface.  Look for reflections in water such as rivers, lakes, puddles. You can look for reflections in windows and modern shiny buildings. You can even do some still life reflection photography with shiny surfaces around the home. Try shooting from different heights and angles and get creative.

Judge: Ralph Snook (Zoom)

January 2024

Panel of Three Prints


You may enter 2 panels into the competition. Each panel will consist of 3 different images which may be mounted together on a single mount or on 3 separate mount boards. No repetition of images across a panel will be allowed nor a single image simply sliced into 3. Your aim is to select 3 images which either tell a story or are linked by their subject content, colour, style or format which together form a single related work. See also the guidance note on the creation of panels in the Resources section of the website.

Judge: TBC


Old and New


For this competition we want you to include something old and new within the same image. The subject matter can be varied.  One of the easiest places to start is in a city where new buildings pop up next to old ones.  You could also try capturing young and old people, vehicles, or technology – just make sure you include both something old and new!


Round 3 of the Graham Brown Memorial Trophy will be held on the same evening

Judge: Mike Sharples (Zoom)

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