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Donna Nook

Donna Nook is a point on the low-lying coast of north-Lincolnshire, consisting of extensive dunes and shore between North Somercotes and Saltfleet.  The grey seal population returns to breed from October to December every year. 

NB:  A double fence was erected in 2007 to stop visitors touching the new-born pups.  The Wildlife Trust asks walkers and photographers to stay in the public viewing area and to avoid going out onto the sands.

Address: Marsh Lane, Donna Nook, Louth, LN11 7PD

Open: Seal viewing area, main car park and facilities are open October to December, dawn til dusk.  The reserve is open all year.

Entry cost: 2 car parks are available giving access to the 600m viewing area. Stonebridge car park has limited spaces.  The privately owned main car park charges £4 during the week and £5 at weekends.

Useful info: The Ministry of Defence still maintains part of the area as a bombing target range and under no circumstances should anyone enter the bombing area when red flags are flying. However, most of the dune area is accessible at all times.

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