Graham Brown Memorial Trophy

The Graham Brown Memorial Trophy is an annual internal photo competition in memory of club member and vice-chairman Graham Brown who died in 2019.

Graham was a valued member of DPS since 19XX and contributed greatly to the society's success. He had an interest in all aspects of photography but, in particular, a passion for wildlife photography. His photos can be seen in the Galleries section of the website.

Competition Rules

1. The competition is to be held annually.

2. It is an ‘open’ projected (PDI) competition. No restrictions are placed on the subject content other than normal restrictions of decency.

3. It will be held on three nights in the club calendar alongside the monthly set-subject PDI competition.  There will always be at least one clear club monthly competition between each of the three events.

4. Each time the competition is run, entrants will be allowed to enter only one image.  Images will be marked out of 20 with no limitations on the range and numbers of marks given by the judge in the competition.


5. The winner of the trophy will have the highest total score (maximum 60 marks) over the three competitions.

6. Entries for these three competitions must be new images and may not be entered also for the monthly set-subject competitions nor entered for the Hollis Trophy.  

7. In the event of a tie in the total number of points awarded to entrants after the 3 competition scores are added, the overall winner will be the author with the higher number of 20s.  If there is still a tie then the author with higher number of 19s will be the winner, etc.  In the event of a final tie, the authors will share the award.  

8. Names will not be engraved onto the trophy, but the club will keep and publicise the result.

Entry Process

1. Each session will be run as a separate, externally judged competition, before the set-subject competition.  

2. Entries will be made alongside the set-subject entries and with the same closing date.  If an entry is forwarded in the same email as set-subject entries, it must be clearly identified as an entry for the Graham Brown Trophy.  

3. Entries will have the normal club rules applied in terms of sizing and naming.  


Winning Photos 2019

There are 3 rounds to this competition. These are the winners of each round.

Round 1

Heron in Flight

Stuart Batchelar

Round 2


Christine Prickett

Round 3

Twilight Stroll

Gez McDade

Overall Winner 2019 – Gez McDade

These are the 3 submitted photos from the overall winner.

Round 1

Title of photo

Gez McDade

Round 2

Title of Photo

Gez McDae

Round 3

Twilight Stroll

Gez McDade