Badby Challenge

The Badby Challenge is an annual inter-club competition between a number of local photographic clubs. Each year one club hosts the competition on a rotation basis.

Each club enters 7 photos in the competition with an additional photo held in reserve in the event of a tie-break between two or more clubs.

Daventry Photographic Society last held the competition in November 2019 and, after a nervous tie-break, we won!

These are our 8 entries in the latest Badby Challenge.

Badby Challenge 2019 – DPS Entries

Holly by Natural Light

Stuart Batchelar

Inside the Scottish Parliament

Linda Wilson

Autumn at Central Park Boating Lake

Carole Emms

Nowhere to Land

Peter Going


Michael Green

Bar in St Roch

Christine Prickett

Good Vibrations

Colin Prickett

Marina Bay Sands

Gez McDade