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Guest Speakers

Graham Heywood.jpg

Graham Heywood

Fresh Imaginations

Tony Gervis.jpg

Tony Gervis

One Man and his Van

Ashley Franklin.jpg

Ashley Franklin

The wider world of Photography

Chris Roberts.jpg

Chris Roberts

Paper, Printing, Mounting

Ann Miles.jpg

Ann Miles

A Passion for Nature

Chris Upton.jpg

Chris Upton

Home and Away

Darryl Tebbut.jpg

Darryl Tebbut

Leicester LoFi

Lindsay McCrea.jpg

Lindsay McCrea

Living with Emperors

Bob Brind-Surch.jpg

Bob Brind-Surch

Taking control of
your camera

Mike Fuller.jpg

Mike Fuller

Smartphone Photography
& Snapseed

David Lowe.jpg

David Lowe

Long Exposure Photography

Paddy Ruske.jpg

Paddy Ruske

Dark Light


Tracey Sherwood.jpg

Tracey Sherwood

Still Life photography

Mike Sharples.jpg

Mike Sharples

The Many Faces
of China

Carl Wright.jpg

Carl Wright

Advanced camera techniques

John Lewis.jpg

John Lewis

Capture One


Colin Southgate.jpg

Colin Southgate

Infra Red and

Other Diversions

Colin Prickett.jpg

Colin Prickett

ACDSee demo

John Lewis.jpg

John Lewis

Social Documentary

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