Monthly Competitions

We hold a monthly internal competition for all current DPS members. There are 12 competitions, 8 are projected and 4 are print competitions. All members are allowed to enter two photos in each competition. Entries for internal monthly competitions need to be in no later than midnight on the first day of the month preceding the competition.

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Competitions 2022/23

March 2022

Open Competition


Competitions that are designated ‘Open’ do not have a specific theme which you are expected to follow. Instead you are free to choose the subject matter. As the competition is Open, it is even more important that your image ‘stands out’ so that the Judge finds your image interesting in its subject matter, and can appreciate the technical skill in its creation. Good Luck!

Judge: Bob Goode


Open Monochrome


Submit up to two monochrome prints on any topic of your choice. Monochrome images are produced using a single hue, rather than recording the colours of the object photographed. It includes all forms of black and white photography, which produce images containing tones of grey ranging from black to white. No ‘colour popping’ allowed.

Judge: Trevor Rudkin




A silhouettes is a sold dark image of a subject against a brighter background. Silhouettes can be both interesting and dramatic. Try to find interesting subjects as silhouettes eg people doing something unusual , birds, trees, buildings and other structures. Shadows will not be accepted.

The Graham Brown Memorial Trophy Round 1.

Judge: Peter Siviter


Creative (The Peter Cosentino Trophy)


The key to creative photography is to try and see things in a different way to ‘normal’ so that it provides impact and originality beyond that of a straight record shot. This can be achieved at the point of pressing the button or in post processing. Your photos do not have to be photoshopped but can be if you want to.
You could try over and under exposing your photos to change the mood.

You could make a composite, but all elements must be your own work.

Take your photos at a different angle, try lying on the floor and looking up! The key to creative photography is to try and see things in a different way to ‘normal’. It contains elements that are deliberately used to change the photo’s original status – be that at the point of pressing the button or post processing. Paint with light. Play with colour. Play with perspective. Play with shapes. Photograph things in places not usually found – a polar bear in a deck chair!

The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Judge: Kylie Martin


A Local Village


This area is full of beautiful and interesting villages. We have been on photographic walks around many of them in the past. For this competition we would like you to focus on a local village, preferably within 10 miles of where you live. You must take inspiration from the architectural detail, activities and events, chocolate box views and and pubs! Lets see if we can guess the village!

Judge: Derek Larkin


Open Competition - Untouched, straight from camera


You can choose any content but this competition will be judged on your ability to produce an image at the point of pressing the shutter button. There will no post-production processing either on a computer or in camera. This includes cropping in camera or using in-camera pre-sets. The aim is to produce a level playing field for all members. It would be preferred that the images are shot as jpegs. If the image is shot in RAW, you may not use any of the RAW image sliders.  Remember the key items that make such a difference to your image - viewpoint, frame, focus and timing.

Judge: Ralph Duckett


At Ground Level


For this competition we would like you to hold/place your camera at ground level. You may need to get down on your knees or, better still lay flat on your stomach to get a worms eye view! You could even have your camera pointing up, but make sure you shoot from ground level. This will enable you to create photos with unique compositions and a different perspective on the world.

NB: Round 2 of the Graham Brown Memorial Trophy will be held on the same evening.

Judge: Alan Edwards




Most of us are born with two so there are lots of these around. Some animals such as primates have hands too, and these will be allowed in this competition. The hand(s) must be the main focus of the image, so please not just a portrait of someone. Think about the hands you are photographing-are they young or old, clean or dirty hands or pampered or artistic hands. Your photo may be a candid shot, where the focus is on the hands doing something, or it may be carefully posed. Hands can be expressive and can show love or anger. 

Judge: Peter Gennard




They say opposites attract, and in photography give a visual contrast so the viewer has something to think about. Your photos can be of anything, from still life to street photography, landscape or nature to architecture or industry but they must have opposing objects or aspects eg light and shade, a variety of shapes, old or new, ugly vs beautiful, or even feelings such as happy and sad in them.

Judge:  For the Monthly competition to be held on the 8th is Bob Moore

Judges: For the Hollis Trophy  are John Lewis and Graham Walton to be held on the 29th




The month you can choose to photograph anything that has age to it. Most antique dealers consider an item to be vintage if its 40 years old! However, Vintage photography is a broad category. You may wish to focus on vintage items, such as objects, cars, clothing etc and/or you may wish to produce a photograph in a vintage style either using an old style camera or using photo editing tools to give that vintage look.

Judge: John Lewis

January 2023



Minimal photography is characterised by extreme simplicity. Minimal photographs have just a small number of compositional elements - colour, object, shape or texture. Basically, less is more - but that does not  mean boring! Don't only think about negative space. Your subject matter may focus on spatial isolation, just a small detail of a larger object, a limited range of colours or use the colour pop or it might be an abstract image using just simple geometric shapes. Try Googling 'minimal' or 'photography images' to get a few more ideas.


NB: Round 3 of the Graham Brown Memorial Trophy will be held on the same evening.

Judge: Steve Clifford


Panel of Three Prints


You may enter 2 panels into the competition. Each panel will consist of 3 different images which may be mounted together on a single mount or on 3 separate mount boards. No repetition of images across a panel will be allowed nor a single image simply sliced into 3. Your aim is to select 3 images which either tell a story or are linked by their subject content, colour, style or format which together form a single related work. See also the guidance note on the creation of panels in the Resources section of the website.

Judge: Catherine Knee