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Competition Entry

These rules apply to all internal competitions run by the Society. Please ensure that you comply to these rules when entering your work. Please make sure your projected images conform to the required format and image sizes.

Submission of digital images - standard naming format and image size required

All files submitted should be named as follows:


Please ensure spaces are either side of the - in the above format.

It is important to follow this format as the competition software reads the image name to prevent unecessary manual amendments.

Please note that maximum width (w) is 1920 pixels and the maximum height (h) 1080 pixels. So an image 1920 x 1743 does not conform, as the height (1743) is greater than 1080.
So to fit, image dimensions should be 1174 w x 1080 h
Please send up to two projected images (or image title in the case of a print competition ) to the Competitions Secretary by 7pm on the Sunday prior to the competition.

Competition Secretary is Graham Brown