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March - Open Competition

Digital Projection
Submit any two images making sure you follow the guidelines set out in the the Competition Entry section.

April - Open Competition - Monochrome.

Print Competition
Submit up to two monochrome prints on any topic of your choice. Monochrome images are produced using a single hue, rather than recording the colours of the object photographed. It includes all formsds of black and white photography, which produce images containing tones of grey ranging from black to white. No 'colour popping' allowed.

May - Urban/Industrial Landscapes

Digital Projection
When we think of the term 'landscape' we usually picture the countyside or perhaps a seascape. This month we want to see village, town or city images which may be predominantly residential but will more likely be commercial or industrial in nature. Rather than twee country villages we will be looking for images with a more urban character; grit rather than gardens.