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18/19 Guidelines 3

September - People at Play

Digital Projection
Feel free to interpret 'play' in the widest sense. It may be organisd sport, informal games - indoor or outdoor - or just people relaxing following their own interests alone or together.

October - Light and Shadow

Print Competition
All photographic images use light to create interest. This month we want to see images that specifically have areas which are well lit as well as in deep shade. These may be in any situation you choose eg a studio or a landscape or anything in between.

November - Heavy Metal

Digital Projection
This can be interpreted in a number of different ways so interpret it as you wish. It might be a rack concert, an army tank, a bridge,a steelworks or whatever else you choose.

December - Hidden

Digital Projection
Have you ever taken a shot and been surprised when you have put it on the computer to find something interesting in the imaqge you didn't notice at the time of shooting? We will be looking for images that contain something we might not normally notice while going about our everyday lives. It might just be something out of our normal eyeline or something we see every day but don't notice, thinking it is mundane, but on closer inspection is perhaps of great beauty or interest.