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18/19 Guidelines 2

June - Exposure

Digital Projection
Exposure may have many interpretations. The state of having no protection from something eg an animal trying to escape from a predator. The revelation of something secret, embarassing or damaging eg from a photojournalism perspective or perhaps you have caught a child or a pet doing something naughty. The technical aspects of exposing a photograph can also be used eg you might choose to show your expertise in controlling the lens aperture and/or shutter speed to create an unusual image or perhaps to combine two exposures in a single image. What we are NOT looking for is anything offensive or of a sexually explicit nature.

July - A Different Perspective

Print Competition
This month you will be trying to provoke your audience to say 'What is it?' Your subject may be mundane but the perspective from which you have taken it will be out of the ordinary. Perhaps you will be looking down at something we rarely see from above or coming in close to something we normally only see as the full item. You will need to use your imagination to approach whatever subject you choose to capture it from a new angle, distance or speed.

August - Untouched Straight from the Camera

Digital competition
You can choose any content but this competition will be judged on your ability to produce an image AT THE POINT OF PRESSING THE SHUTTER BUTTON. There will no no post-production processing either on a computer or in camera. This includes cropping in camera or using in-camera pre-sets. The aim is to produce a level playing field for all members. It would be preferred that the images are shot as jpegs. If the image is shot in RAW, you may not use any of the RAW image sliders. Remember the key items that make such a difference to your image - viewpoint, frame, focus and timing.